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Creatives can request Maha Maya Noor to work on their projects, ideas and themes developing them into the new age. Whether you are an architect, new energy technology, fashion artist, textiles technology developers, city planners, eco driven or tech developer, we want to hear from you! Maha Maya Noor has fresh insight and vision for […]

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Integrating the power of intelligent thinking and work to evolve the manner in which we are directing life and to empower humans for our collective future. Maha Maya Noor is a realised Satguru and Master of evolution, who focuses amongst other things on the development of the human being, our world, and our technology beyond […]

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We will be holding our retreat in 2020 focusing on Immortality and the evolution of humanity. The retreat will be held in the Himalayas and will consist of work, meditation and some key practices. To join us, please fill in the contact form and submit. As there are a limited number of places and due […]

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Courses will run regularly to allow students and those who are interested in research and evolution development to attend and find out more about how the work might benefit them. To join a course please fill out the registration form and send it in. The following courses are on from fall of 2019: In view […]

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Glorious Empire

February 27, 2018 | 1 Comment

Glorious empire seeks to enhance the world with inspiration, intelligence and innovation into the new millennia, focusing on the future’s need’s, movements, trends, capabilities and our mission to conquer the universe. It’s imperative that we start to work now on the development of the future, not only to shape it, but to manage its further […]

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